Beauregard Baptist Association

“Catch the Wave”

Have you caught the discipleship wave? The phrase “catch the wave” is generally used to describe a movement that is/has affected many people. There is a wave sweeping the evangelical Christian community on the subject of discipleship. Books, blogs, videos, articles and teaching reflect the exciting and revolutionary principles that are sweeping the Christian landscape.

I have been following this wave for the past few years. With this in mind I wrote a workbook entitled the “Total Discipleship Process.”  The workbook includes key aspects of this discipleship wave. It was prepared with a goal of being concise and practical. You will notice the following common ingredients that are a part of the wave:
Defining a discipleship development goal
Developing a discipleship process 
Being intentional in leading and planning a discipleship ministry
Developing Sunday school/small groups that are intentional in developing disciples
Leading Sunday school/small groups to be missional in their approach
Emphasizing transformational discipleship in addition to informational transfer
Calling believers to model and mentor others
Helping believers to individually assess their spiritual development and intentionally plan growth experiences
Developing a culture of discipleship within a local church
Simplify church scheduling in order to sharpen focus
Adopt Jesus’ discipleship development strategy

The “Total Discipleship Process” is a tool that can be used to raise the bar for a church’s overall discipleship ministry. The process is designed to be intentional, to integrate church ministries and develop a comprehensive discipleship development ministry.

I would love to share the process in your church. It takes about four sessions to complete. However, it will impact your church for years.

Tim Patrick